About Us

With custom cabinetry from "European Kitchen and Bath", you can go wherever your imagination takes you...

Our Mission

European Kitchen & Bath LLC has years of industry experience providing kitchen and bath designs in the Pittsburgh area. We have earned the respect of our clients and partners by offering cabinets with the highest quality construction and installation services. Our designs can be found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, California and New York. Our notable skill in listening to our customers’ needs and desires while providing excellent designs to meet any budget or style has earned us a reputation as one of Pittsburgh’s premier kitchen and bath design and installation companies.

About the Owner

Woodworking has been my lifelong passion stretching all the way back to childhood when I would spend hours with my father in his workshop. Turning a passion into a profession is extremely satisfying. While we occasionally create individual, custom pieces of furniture, most of our work now involves large-scale cabinetry and other projects for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, libraries and beyond. European Kitchen and Bath is not limited to any particular design genre. We move easily between different styles and eras as you’ll note when browsing through our gallery. We would be excited to talk with you about your projects and look at ways we could work together to bring your ideas to life.

Quality First

We are a true custom manufacturer. Our hand-crafted products are designed for your comfort.

Our extensive lines of custom cabinet doors are imported from European manufacturers who are famous for their outstanding craftsmanship. They are available in a variety of colors and are built to last.

We also offer variety of USA Made door fronts that are elegant, yet affordable.